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christmas 084

christmas 084

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Today is Sunday, February 18, 2018.

From the Ancient Archives: (5336 days ago)


I think that ASCII art is a sort of neat side niche of the typographical age. I remember back in 1985, taking a typing class in 7th grade... we learned on manual typewriters with no letters on the keys. There were maybe 20 of them in the classroom. There were also about 3 electric typewriters, which the kids who got to class first would jump to claim. When you were done with your drills out... read more...

Me living dangerously
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That One Time I Barely Survived Hitchhiking

Right after I turned 18, my boyfriend and I were at Bentley’s coffee shop, and I was going to spend the night at his apartment at River and La Canada. Problem was, neither of us had a car and it was 11pm, so no buses. Being idiots, we naturally decided to hitchhike…

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The Candy Corn Incident

I’m not sure how old I was, but I can’t have been older than about 8 or 9. It was near Halloween and my mom, or maybe Sonia, had given me a bag of candy corn. At the time this was one of my favorite candies. I had been given the absurd limitation of two pieces per day. Considering how tiny these are, and that most people eat them by the fistful, it was nearly...

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Taos Skiers Beware

I was 11 the Christmas my mother gave me my own pair of skis and told me she was taking me to Taos. I had never been skiing and I was very excited. I can’t remember if it was a business trip, but I think it probably was. Most of my childhood travel that didn’t involve visiting relatives involved tagging along with my mom on business. Taos was having a bad year for snow. The...

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Misty the Wonder Horse

When I was growing up, my godmother, Barrie, had a horse named Misty. She was all white and generally very friendly. One of my earlier memories of her was being totally grossed out when she licked my hand and the spit foamed up. I’ve always been an animal lover, and horses are no exception. I loved to ride Misty when I got the chance… Oddly, Misty sometimes had other ideas. When I was three or...

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I Survived a State Mental Hospital

My mom talked my (now-ex)husband into committing me to the mental ward when I was 5 months pregnant. I’d gone off my medication (Lithium and Paxil) and kinda flipped out. What I needed, of course, was my medication (which I apparently refused to take, but after a few hours of TV or something I probably would have taken willingly). Then I would have calmed right down. After sitting around the ER for about 45 minutes...

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The McDonald's Gunman

Back in early ’91 when I was still just dating my husband, I used to go to the McDonald’s where he worked to hang out. I’d order some fries or a Big Mac with no meat and sit and read, and when he had a few minutes I’d chat with him, and when he went on break to eat, we’d sit and talk. This particular evening, my friend Star was with me and we were...

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Dissecting a Fetal Pig

I attended a Christian school from second grade through the first semester of seventh grade. In science at my tiny religious school, we’d been learning about plants. We’d dissected a flower, examined onion skin under a microscope… cut open lima beans… pretty simple stuff. Over winter break my mom FINALLY decided to let me go to public school. So I landed in a new school and a new science class. This new science class had...

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I Fall Down, Go Boom--a brief history of clumsiness

Ok, I was at Vail, staying at the Westin (which I hear has been bought by some other company now) with my mom. She speaks at some fancy convention there every year, and sometimes lets me come along). So it’s snowy and cold out, and we’ve had a great day skiing (mmmm… gotta love the Vista Bahn) and we decide to go down and sit in the jaccuzi. It’s an outdoor one, and they have...

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Dog Bite

This is one of my oldest vivid memories… When I was almost three years old, I was in Connecticut visiting my grandparents. I was with my grandmother at a friend’s house when a little dog came wandering in. It was a Dachshund… a weiner dog. Apparently I decided to feed him a cracker. I remember bending over and handing him something, and I remember him lunging for my face. I also remember seeing something in...

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From the time I was a little girl I had a close relationship with my godmother, Barrie. She lived with Kathleen, and they were lovers. I didn’t really catch on to this until some time around the beginning of high school, but that is my problem. I loved Barrie and Kathleen like family. I considered them to BE family. Growing up I often spent weekends at their place out in the foothills, taking long baths...

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Back in my early 20s, when I worked as a topless dancer, I was on stage doing my set, had finished stripping down to thigh high 4” heel boots and a thong when I began to notice that the usual smoky haze was a little peculiar. It got worse, and then suddenly my song cut off abruptly. The DJ got on the mic and said, very calmly, that everyone had to get up and leave...

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Cast of Characters

Just to help keep things straight, the cast of characters appearing in my various tales… Me, OpalCat/Katherine, born February 11, 1972 in Tucson, Arizona, currently living in Massachusetts, about a half-hour west of Boston. Married in 1991 at age 19, which lasted 15 years; remarried in 2009 at 37. Dominic, my son, born September 15, 1995. Dan, my husband, born February 22, 1977; originally from Atlanta, Georgia, who attended podiatry school in Cleveland, OH, and with whom I...

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Bucket Brigade

While watching the Smurfs one morning, I saw the Smurfs form a bucket brigade to put out a fire. This reminded me of something from junior high. My history teacher was really big on hands-on activities. For example, we all went out and learned how to split wood one day. One time we had a field trip where the girls went to his house (where he told us dirty jokes!!) and baked bread. The boys...

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Remembering Challenger

Ever been to Spaceport, USA? It’s the tourist section of Kennedy Space Center. My dad lived about 20-30 minutes from it, so I’ve been many times. I bet it was packed this week, as John Glenn returned to space, aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. I didn’t watch the coverage of the launch this time. I can’t really watch shuttle launches anymore. When I was a kid, my dad and I would drive out to the...

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The Maxipad Incident

I was in 8th grade, living with my dad in Florida. This was the year they invented maxipads with “wings” but earlier in the year. As those of you who have used the “pre-wing” pads know, the old ones leaked. No matter what. The first drop of blood to touch them would almost always make a beeline for one or both sides and make a break for freedom. And so I would always wrap toilet paper...

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When I was 17 years old, at the beginning of the summer between my junior and senior years in high school, I ran away from home. (I’m 31 now, at the time I’m writing this, and I still stand by my decision. It was the culmination of 17 years worth of stuff going on… maybe I’ll write about the “final straw” sometime, but not now.) I had a car… it was a hand-me-down from my...

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Mother in Law

My mother in law is a scary woman. First off, she’s a raging alcoholic. She had a liver transplant in the late ’80s and she still drinks. This is on top of the fistfuls of medication she has to take. Shortly before my husband and I married, we drove up to Michigan to visit her and her husband. She was mostly nice until she got drunk. I remember standing in the kitchen, listening as she...

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