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Date: 08/01/2011

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From the Ancient Archives: (4042 days ago)

The McDonald's Gunman:

Back in early ’91 when I was still just dating my husband, I used to go to the McDonald’s where he worked to hang out. I’d order some fries or a Big Mac with no meat and sit and read, and when he had a few minutes I’d chat with him, and when he went on break to eat, we’d sit and talk. This particular evening, my friend Star was with me and we were... read more...

Cruise, 2006
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Game Review: Cards Against Humanity

I was introduced to this game over my birthday party weekend in mid-February by my brothers-and-sisters-in-law from Atlanta. This game is cheap, because you print it yourself from All it costs is paper and toner/ink from your printer. Alternately, you can have it printed for you, which is what I did. I had it printed at Staples on heavy card stock, with the white cards printed on white and the black cards printed on...

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Game Review: Wise and Otherwise

Another game that gets your creative juices going is Wise and Otherwise, a game of proverbs. This game harkens back to the days of ancient sayings passed down through the ages from mother to son and from villager to villager. Or possibly they were just made up by the people who wrote the game. The world will never know…

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Game Review: Dixit

I go to a gaming night every Thursday at a friend’s house. Typically anywhere from a dozen or so to up to thirty people show up to play board games and card games or even BUZZ: The Mega Quiz Bundle (a trivia gameshow on the Playstation). Having been exposed to many, many games through this weekly event, I’ve gotten to know several that I’d never heard of before, but have really enjoyed. I’m going to...

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Game: Yahtzee

Play the classic dice game…

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Game: Wolves and Sheep

Place 5 wolves and 3 sheep in the grid in such a way that no wolf can get any of the sheep…

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Game: Whack an Opal

Hit the Opals as they pop up!

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Game: Tailgunner

Fly a fighter jet and shoot down enemy planes.

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Game: Aster(oids 2)

It’s called “Aster” but it’s really Asteroids with slightly different graphics.

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Game: Asteroids (1)

The classic Asteroids game

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Puzzle Game: All Lights!

The objective of the game is to turn all 25 “lights” on…

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Egyptian Rat Screw: Best Card Game Ever

What the hell is Egyptian Rat Screw?? Egyptian Rat Screw is a card game. It can be played by any number of people (but everyone has to be able to reach the center of the table.) and the goal of the game is to get all the cards. The deck is split evenly between the players, and each holds their cards face down. Going clockwise, each person takes a turn putting a card in the center pile....

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