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ScreenHunter_05 Aug. 18 13.02.jpg

Date: 08/22/2012

Last Cam 1 update was 01/17/2013
at 10:14 pm
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Last Mobile Cam update was 10/21/2011
at 09:47 am
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Last Cam 3 update was 03/20/2012
at 04:11 pm
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Today is Sunday, February 18, 2018.

From the Ancient Archives: (3579 days ago)

Recipe: Vegetarian Chili:

This is a chili with a bit of kick to it. It’s spicy enough to clear your sinuses a little, but not so spicy my son can’t eat it.


Brian and me
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Extra money never hurt, did it?

What is the picture to the right of? If you said CAT you are right! Now imagine if I’d paid you to answer that question. Whoa. Who would do that? Well, it turns out that the answer is NOT “nobody” as you might think. In fact you can get paid to do simple tasks like this all day long. Cash Tasks, a new way to earn money from Inbox Dollars, has many such tasks,...

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How Many Squares?

So this puzzle has been around for a long time, but I most recently saw it pop up on Facebook. Embarrassingly, the person who posted it said that “the best they could do” was 24…

So here is the puzzle… the question is, how many squares can you find?

Count the Squares

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Review: Capacitive Touch Screen Styluses (four kinds)

Capacitive Touch Screen Styluses In this review I will discuss four different styluses for capacitive touch screens (such as iPhones, Android phones, iPads, and other tablets): Amazon’s Generic 3-Pack, the PenGo BrushPen, the New Trent IMP63T, and the amPen Hybrid. Generic 3 pcs Aqua Blue/Black/Red Capacitive Stylus Pros: very cheap, 3 in case you like to lose things, free shipping Cons: shipping takes foreeeever (from Hong Kong) These were the first styluses I bought. They worked a little better...

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Black and White Photo Illusion

Here is an optical illusion based on the concept of an afterimage. An afterimage refers to the way the eye retains an image even after you’ve stopped looking at it. It’s why you see dark spots in front of your eyes after looking into a bright light, or why you see shadow images after you close your eyes. This is a black and white photo. Look exactly at the red dot in the middle. The image...

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All the Opal Kitties

I have 58 opal cat images (made by combining pictures of cats with pictures of opals, naturally) that rotate randomly at the bottom of each page on the site. In case you wanted to see them all without reloading eighty bazillion times, here they are…

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Google+ Initial Thoughts

So I’ve been using Google+ for about two weeks now and I have some initial impressions. First is that it’s got some big advantages over Facebook. For one thing, I think the privacy is going to be a lot better. I trust Google a lot more than I trust Facebook. Another thing is that there is no limit to the size of a post you can make. Unlike Facebook which forces you to keep things...

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"String Theory" of Thought

Many years ago I got to thinking… how is it that we are capable of speaking? If you break it down logically, it shouldn’t work. When I start speaking a sentence, I don’t know what the words at the end will be. I haven’t planned the whole thing out word by word. And yet I’m able to construct it in such a way that the word choices at the beginning of the sentence work with...

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About This Site

Geeky back-end details about this site…

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LOL? the Long Ongoing List

The standard chat environment abbreviation “LOL” is commonly thought to mean “Laugh(ing) Out Loud,” but how do we that is what it means? Just because someone tells us so? Might there be another, secret, meaning? Let’s examine the (viewer submitted) possibilities…. Humorous note: back in the day when this page was updated automatically by viewer submission, some brilliant soul Left this: “U r so stuped it means Laugh Out Loud” Ah… the irony. Loads Of...

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Team “Weasels for Extraterrestrial Domination” SETI@home This stuff is a bit outdated as I admit I haven’t run this in quite a long time, but it’s a nifty idea anyway. I have been a participant in SETI@home off and on over the years. Seti@home is a distributed CPU project that analyzes radio signals looking for extraterrestrial intelligence. What is SETI? | SETI@home FAQ | Technical News Current Seti News Lifted from the SETI@home homepage: SETI@home is a scientific experiment that will...

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Team “The Weasels for World Domination” Distributed Computing! This stuff is a bit outdated as I admit I haven’t run this in quite a long time, but it is still chugging away and the team exists and so on. Jump in if it’s your thing! They used to offer prize money, but really, you do it more just the coolness of being part of a larger machine. Lifted from the homepage: “What is Distributed.Net? As...

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