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Date: 07/28/2004

Last Cam 1 update was 01/17/2013
at 10:14 pm
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Last Mobile Cam update was 10/21/2011
at 09:47 am
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Last Cam 3 update was 03/20/2012
at 04:11 pm
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Personal Statistics and Such:

As promised, more info than you want to know. I’ll break it down all scientific-like… Geek Code (?) -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.12 GFA d--(+) s--: a C+++$ UL>++ P+ L+ E- W+++$ N+ !o K? w+(---) !O M--()@ V-- PS++ PE-@ Y? PGP t+ 5+ X++ R tv+@ b+++ DI+@ D--- G e++>+++ h---- r+++ x++++ ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------ Not a geek? de-Geek my code code updated Sept 14, 2009 due to changes in my marital status, education, etc How... read more...

Webcam archives, 1999
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Computer Kids

I am the mother of a wonderful little boy who will be 4 years old in a couple of weeks. Raising a child these days is such a different process than it was in my parents’ time. The biggest difference is the presence of computers. For better or for worse, computers are here. They are there. They are nearly everywhere, from the library to the school to McDonald’s to the DMV. As fairly hardcore computer...

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An Early Dominic Progress Report

I used to post Dominic’s new achievements on my site when he was a baby and toddler. I don’t have an archive of these, but I did find this one report in an archive of old pages, and thought it was interesting: updated: July 30, 1998 (Dominic is 2 1/2) Height: 34+ inches Weight: 29+ lbs Achievements: Peepee in the Potty!!! Talks in short sentences, helps mommy clean up… Favorite Songs: “John Jacob Jingleheimer Shmidt,” “Clean up,” “We just got...

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