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Date: 08/11/2008

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From the Ancient Archives: (3386 days ago)

So You Think You Can Dance 2008 Top 6 Couples Results Show Recap:

The Results Show Intro – I wasn’t impressed with the group dance. It was a hip hop routine that wasn’t terribly in sync most of the time. The parts where they were in the dark with the glowing stripes on their sleeves were pretty cute though. Cat’s hair is in a huge rat’s nest behind that big wad of stuff in her hair, though she is again wearing a flattering dress! Is this a new trend? I’m... read more...

Dressed for the Masquerade Ball in DC
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I wonder about the fate of used pianos in Los Angeles...

You know, some people like certain specific kinds of humor. I know a guy, for instance, who collects clips of people getting a pie in the face. Me, I’ve always wondered about the classic gag where the moving men are hoisting a piano up the side of a building, and some hapless fool walks under it and it slips and falls on/near them. Where do they get so many disposable pianos? I mean, the movie industry is pretty much centered in California… I guess you could look up something like “Used Pianos Los Angeles“…

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Downloadable Things

Here are various files I have available for free download on the site: Adobe Illustrator files (.ai/.zip): Fun Stuff (.pdf/.zip): Graphics (various/.zip): Instructions (.pdf): Miscellaneous Documents (.pdf): Recipes (.pdf):

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If you’re looking for links to other sites, here is where you’ll find it!

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Webcam - the last 2 minutes

Here are the webcam image from the last two minutes, updated every 5 seconds…

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Get a birthday card from me!

Do you want to get a birthday card from me each year? It’s easy. All you have to do is fill in your birthday at using this special link and I’ll get an email when it’s your birthday and will send you an e-card. It’s fun! Go ahead and sign up. You won’t get spammed. (I’ve had this service for a while but haven’t used it recently because it became a pay service. I recently...

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Help the victims in Haiti

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

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Frappr Map

I used to have one of these and it sort of expired. Here is the new one—and it appears to have gone defunct, too. Sucks.

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Chicago Tribue article mentions on Feb. 5 2009!

…sometimes someone hits on something in there that even I’ve forgotten that I wrote. This was the case this week when I was contacted by Chicago Tribune writer Charles Leroux about an obscure article on my site…

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Fuzzball kitten savages a 130lb golden retriever

Exceedingly cute video of my 10 week old kitten beating up on my 10 year old, 130lb golden retriever. Smackdown ’08.

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Live Webcams

Note: while I used to have the webcam on any time I was in the room, I now turn it on mainly when I’m doing something like working on a painting. You can visit the webcam archive if you like. Please see the note at the bottom of this page regarding webcam software. Watch the Cam: Cam One (low bandwidth) still image image that refreshes at 5 second intervals. These will almost always be at my home, or...

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"Swamp Coolers" - the smelly secret to staying cool in the desert

What they are & How they work SWAMP COOLERS 101 Evaporative (or “swamp”) coolers are the most economical method of cooling a house in a dry climate. The electricity is used to run a large fan and a water pump. Swamp Cooler – diagram 1 The cooler sits on the roof, with an air duct leading down into the house. The cooler is essentially a large box, four sides of which are removeable panels. These...

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Kon Hawk, an old friend

This is a reposted account of the death of an old friend of mine. It is very moving and I thank Brian Abernethy for allowing me to repost it here.

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Sparky's Family Tree

Our dog (who now lives with my ex-husband) is a pure-bred golden retriever. We got him when Dominic was 3 years old, and chose a golden retriever because they are known for being good with children. Normally I’d be the type to go to the pound and get a mutt, but given that when I was mauled by a dog when I was a young child, you can perhaps see where I wanted to be...

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How to Remember Your Dreams

Quite often people tell me “Oh I can never remember my dreams!” and ask me how I seem to remember so much about mine. While I think it is probably partially a person-to-person thing, there are some techniques I can recommend for helping you to remember your dreams. The first thing I can say is write your dreams down! Keep a dream journal, like I do (not necessarily a public one) and you’ll find that just the...

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