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Date: 07/27/2004

Last Cam 1 update was 01/17/2013
at 10:14 pm
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Last Mobile Cam update was 10/21/2011
at 09:47 am
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Last Cam 3 update was 03/20/2012
at 04:11 pm
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The Roomba ringbearer at the wedding
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The Future Free Citizens of the World

As my bid for world domination draws ever closer to fruition, I am now allowing people to pledge their allegiance and become Free Citizens. (Those who aren’t citizens when I do take over will not be able to make use of the many benefits of citizenship, and might possibly be enlisted as slave labor.) Becoming a Citizen is simple; it’s just three simple steps: Step 1 Choose one of these flag iamges to display on your...

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