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Today is Sunday, February 18, 2018.

From the Ancient Archives: (4042 days ago)

Misty the Wonder Horse:

When I was growing up, my godmother, Barrie, had a horse named Misty. She was all white and generally very friendly. One of my earlier memories of her was being totally grossed out when she licked my hand and the spit foamed up. I’ve always been an animal lover, and horses are no exception. I loved to ride Misty when I got the chance… Oddly, Misty sometimes had other ideas. When I was three or... read more...

Dressed for the Masquerade Ball in DC
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I find this Dove ad offensive

I was at the dentist yesterday and I came across this ad for Dove bodywash in People Magazine: (click for full size) The poster on the left shows dry skin and says “Before” and the poster on the right shows nicer skin and says “After”… the three women in a row in front imply “before>after” to me because of where they are standing. They progress from darker skinned and heavier to lighter skinned and thinner. I think...

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What is up with fortune cookies, Part II

This is a followup to my previous article, What is up with fortune cookies these days? which I wrote after friends and I received some very strange “fortunes” in our fortune cookies. Well, it’s happened again. Different restaurant. Three of these are just weird. One of those three is just stupid. Then the fourth one is just made of 100% pure awesome, and it was, appropriately, the one in my cookie. The first weird one says: The...

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What is up with fortune cookies these days?

When I was growing up, I seem to recall that fortune cookies contained things like “you will meet a tall, handsome stranger” or cute little “Confucius say…” type phrases. These days it seems like they’re…um…different? We ordered Chinese delivered tonight and each of us got a cookie. Here is what our “fortunes” were: “You have a sincere desire to improve” This one actually works well with the “-in bed” suffix, so it gets my approval. “Lucky you. Get...

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The World's Worst Songs To Have Stuck In Your Head

Warning: This Page May Cause Brain Damage, Insanity, And/Or Unpopularity With Co-Workers and Friends. Everyone knows that some songs are just… stickier than others. They can be great songs! It doesn’t mean the songs are bad…(though it sure makes it worse when they are)… but you can only have a song… or a verse…or a single line play through your head for so many hours in a row before you are ready to club...

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I'm So Sick of Lyrics Websites!

So I’ve been listening to a lot of Sinead O’Connor in the car, and belting along at the top of my lungs (a pastime I’ve enjoyed since high school, might I add) but there are always a few little bits here and there that I can’t quite make out. Even after all these years of singing the same songs, I either never knew or I knew and then forgot the tricky bits. And so tonight...

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Harry Potter and the Nudity Kerfuffle

So apparently Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame, is starring in a London production of the play Equus, in which he appears not only nude, but nekkid. Daniel is currently 17 years old and, as must be expected, there are those who are all in a tizzy over the idea of the poor innocent babe appearing naked on stage. There seem to be two primary camps of indignation, which have significant overlap: Dan is too young!...

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Right of Way

There are traffic rules for a reason. I really wish people would learn them. For example, this morning I was turning right at an intersection. This intersection, during morning rush hour (which it was) is 99% traffic going in one direction, 90% of which is turning left, and 9.9% of which is turning right, and virtually none of which is going straight. I was coming from the other direction, turning right. If you’re following along,...

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The Bathroom Floor from Hell

Many years ago we used to live in a townhouse that we rented in Fairfax, Virginia. The entire time we lived there, the oven didn’t work. Several other things were broken all or most of the time as well. I didn’t like our landlord at all. Besides not being good at keeping the place maintained, he was Iranian and wouldn’t talk to me about things because I was a woman. Whenever he called he demanded...

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Hummus: DotCom Overboard?

I think that the trend of companies and products opening websites is wonderful. I am so much more likely to look up information on the web than I am to call an 800 number or (god forbid) actually GO somewhere. I also like to shop online when I can. It fills my heart with joy when I see a TV commercial flash a web address on the screen. But then there are some things that...

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My Big List O Pet Peeves

We all have them. Things that just grate on us. Sometimes they are rational, other times they are a bit silly. Some of them bother us a lot, some of them only tickle a little at our irritation. Some make our blood boil, some make us roll our eyes. Whatever level, whatever reasons for existing, I also have mine. And here they are. People’s “driving” in the Boston area. They call it driving… but I’m...

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On Tucson and the Desert

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona. I spent the first 25 years of my life there (with the exception of vacations.) I complain about it quite a bit, especially the heat. I don't like the heat, and I don't like deserts. For those who aren't familiar with the geography of the southwestern United States, here is a map: (click for big map) What do you want to read me complain about? Desert! ...

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How Dare You Wish Me 'Happy Thanksgiving'!?

Ok… People can really piss me off. I subscribe to an active listserve with over 600 international members. This last week there were a total of maybe 10 messages wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. It is a holiday celebrated in the USA, but it really applies to everyone. It is a holiday of giving thanks for what you have, and general goodwill. Well a few people on the list got their panties in a bunch...

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Snake Oil

It amazes me what people will advertise and what people will buy… check these out, from a catalog I got in the mail: Adult Bib Oxygen—just add water! This guy so does not want to be in this ad.. just look at his face! (I realize these are for people with disabilities, but the ad makes them appear to be marketed at regular 30-something adults, which makes it funny.) Um… Breast Firming Creme Buttonhole Napkin Yeah, I’m sure this works. For when you...

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