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brooke's corset sitting

brooke's corset sitting

Date: 08/01/2004

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Today is Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

From the Ancient Archives: (3661 days ago)

In which I defend a position nobody has ever actually challenged me on...:

Laundry is a pretty dull task, and so one’s mind does tend to wander in the course of doing it.* For some inexplicable reason, my mind tends to wander into the more esoteric nooks and crannies of the fascinating topic of…um…doing the laundry. I could be daydreaming about movie stars or sex or thinking of something useful like planning dinner or trying to remember how to do statistics problems… but more often I think about... read more...

Me with Mark Ettinger of the FKB
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I had dabbled in some Sculpey knick-knacks but started to attempt “real” sculpture in the spring of 2008 when I took my first sculpture course. You can view my various attempts in the Gallery. Click to enter the Sculpture Album in my Gallery:

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an opal kitty

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