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Date: 05/22/2004

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Today is Sunday, February 18, 2018.

From the Ancient Archives: (3913 days ago)

Stargate: Atlantis "Sunday":

SPOILER NOTICE: This article contains some spoilers from already-aired episodes. If you haven’t seen all the episodes to date, and don’t want to be spoiled, do not read further. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one on the planet that watches the two Stargate franchises (Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis), but I love them. Yes, they’re cheesy. Yes, they can be cliché. So what? They’re fun and they entertain me. When I found out that... read more...

Dan and me
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Figurines (a short story)

Fiction. A girl deals with an alcoholic, abusive father, and her own guilt…

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Behold, a Dominic Is Born

I went into labor at 2:17am on Wednesday morning, September 13, 1995. This was almost 2 weeks before my predicted “due date” of 09-25. At 3pm on Thursday I went to my OB/GYN (a regular appointment, scheduled weeks in advance) and she did a sonogram to see if I was ready to be admitted into the hospital. …

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The Bunny (a story for children)

Fiction. A young boy befriends an injured rabbit…

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