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Date: 08/28/2004

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at 10:14 pm
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Today is Wednesday, June 28, 2017.

From the Ancient Archives: (3672 days ago)

Chocolate...uh...what? Soup? A recipe gone awry:

I am currently on a quest. A quest to make a cake as close as possible to the amazing dessert I’ve had at Atlanta’s Apr├Ęs Diem, where they simply call it “flourless chocolate cake”. I’ve learned that they buy it from the Buckhead Bread company where it is sold under the name “Chocolate Decadence” (far more suitable a name). This cake is a dense cake, not overly sweet, not fluffy or spongy at all, yet... read more...

Cruise, 2006
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Figurines (a short story)

Fiction. A girl deals with an alcoholic, abusive father, and her own guilt…

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Behold, a Dominic Is Born

I went into labor at 2:17am on Wednesday morning, September 13, 1995. This was almost 2 weeks before my predicted “due date” of 09-25. At 3pm on Thursday I went to my OB/GYN (a regular appointment, scheduled weeks in advance) and she did a sonogram to see if I was ready to be admitted into the hospital. …

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The Bunny (a story for children)

Fiction. A young boy befriends an injured rabbit…

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