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Date: 03/03/2004

Last Cam 1 update was 01/17/2013
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Last Mobile Cam update was 10/21/2011
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Last Cam 3 update was 03/20/2012
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Today is Sunday, February 18, 2018.

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What is up with fortune cookies, Part II:

This is a followup to my previous article, What is up with fortune cookies these days? which I wrote after friends and I received some very strange “fortunes” in our fortune cookies. Well, it’s happened again. Different restaurant. Three of these are just weird. One of those three is just stupid. Then the fourth one is just made of 100% pure awesome, and it was, appropriately, the one in my cookie. The first weird one says: The... read more...

Cory in his SECURITY shirt
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Handy Apps and Widgets for Android Phones

I have spent a lot of time over the last few days updating my new Motorola Droid 3 phone and in doing so I had to reconsider all the apps and widgets that I had on my old Droid and decide if they were worth putting on the new phone, as well as what new things I wanted to have. I decided to compile a list of some of the apps and widgets that I...

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Review: Motorola Droid 3 First Impressions

A Shiny New Droid 3 (stock photo—not mine) So my new Motorola Droid 3 arrived today. I’m still getting it set up and getting used to it so there will be an adjustment period where I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but I’ll give my first thoughts about it for now. First, it’s sleek looking. It has rounder corners than the original Droid I had before, and looks a little more like an iPhone. It...

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Choosing a New Android Phone

I’ve had my original Motorola Droid for about a year and a half and the battery life is starting to decline rapidly, and the touchscreen is becoming finicky. And it’s going kind of slow. Now some of this may be because I rooted it and installed the Bugless Beast ROM on it, I’m not sure. But regardless, the phone was showing its age. So I went to the Verizon store with my husband, who has...

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Droid Phone How-To: Root Your Droid

Note: “rooting” your Droid gives you root access to the phone, allowing for more control and more functionality of your phone. There are a ton of apps that only run on rooted phones. HOWEVER: please note that rooting your phone VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY

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Round Beveled Glass Icons for Droid Phones

Here is my custom icon pack of round beveled glass icons fpr the Droid…

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Product Review: Droid Phone, first thoughts

I have had my new Verizon Motorola Droid phone since December 30—just over a week. I admit that I’ve barely scratched the surface of what the phone can do, but I wanted to give my initial thoughts on the phone. I will give the bad news first. The phone is rather like a Volvo. It’s boxy and square and isn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve ever held. I bought a protective cover for it that actually...

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