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Date: 12/13/2004

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Today is Sunday, February 18, 2018.

From the Ancient Archives: (6716 days ago)

Top Ten ways to know your ice cream man is selling drugs:

10 — You buy a RocketPop and inside you get a disposable syringe where the stick should be. 9 — Your transaction is briefly interrupted as he has to take a moment to inject adrenaline straight into the heart of an overdosing junkie. 8 — Only drives through the neigborhood at 3am. 7 — He uses a razor blade and hand mirror to cut the ice-cream sandwiches into portions. 6 — The Lik-M-Aid? That ain’t Lik-M-Aid. 5 — Ice cream... read more...

Juggling with Dan
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Extra money never hurt, did it?

What is the picture to the right of? If you said CAT you are right! Now imagine if I’d paid you to answer that question. Whoa. Who would do that? Well, it turns out that the answer is NOT “nobody” as you might think. In fact you can get paid to do simple tasks like this all day long. Cash Tasks, a new way to earn money from Inbox Dollars, has many such tasks,...

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Coming to Terms with the New Gmail: 5 Tips to Smooth the Way

So Gmail has decided that it’s updating its layout and there has been a loud and mighty outcry against it. Aside from complaints about primarily aesthetic things such as the replacement of handy text buttons by somewhat hard to parse icons, there are some more valid complaints about the difficulty in actually using the new Gmail. It’s hard to find things that were at your fingertips with the old layout. In this article I’m going...

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Make a Baby Monitor for your Belly!

I touched on this in my Pregnancy Tips article, but felt that it should be its own article as well. It’s made from things that you can easily obtain at home or at the local store. You know how great it is to feel your baby moving inside you? And how exciting it can be to watch the bumps move when a foot or a hand pushes against your belly? Well this baby monitor will make...

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How To Make a Folding Pet Ramp

This ramp is suitable for small pets who need help getting onto surfaces such as a couch or a bed. The ramp folds flat for storage. For a 4-foot ramp you will need: 1 8-foot long 1”x12” board 1 8-foot long 1”x2” board* 10 wood screws 2 3” hinges with screws (no longer than 3/4” screws) 1 strip of carpet 12” wide and 5’ long* staple gun and staples *adjust these lengths for ramps longer than 4 feet. Cut a 1”x12” board...

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Egyptian Rat Screw: Best Card Game Ever

What the hell is Egyptian Rat Screw?? Egyptian Rat Screw is a card game. It can be played by any number of people (but everyone has to be able to reach the center of the table.) and the goal of the game is to get all the cards. The deck is split evenly between the players, and each holds their cards face down. Going clockwise, each person takes a turn putting a card in the center pile....

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Make a Fabulous Cat Toy

Cats don’t need fancy, expensive toys to play with. We’ve all seen them batting around the twist-ties from the bread or that little plastic doohickey that comes off the lid of a jug of milk. What matters to the cat is that it moves and catches their eye. This is an inexpensive and simple toy that you can make for your kitty that they will enjoy playing with just as much as that jingly ball...

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