We are moving from the Boston suburbs to the Atlanta suburbs and we're downsizing.
As an artist, I have a lot of art around the house—mostly paintings, which don't take up much space, but also sculptures.
To make the move easier, we're getting rid of some of the bulkier art that we've been carrying around until now.
I can always make more art.

All of these sculptures are free
the very last one at the bottom of the page,
which cost a lot to make due to resin being quite expensive both to buy and to ship.
Plus it was a hell of a lot of work to make it.

I live in Ashland, Massachusetts near Chestnut St. & Eliot St.. If you want a sculpture, you need to pick it up by June 29.
Or, if you're not local and you're willing to pay the shipping, contact me and we'll work something out and I'll mail it to you.

So here are the sculptures:

(Click Images for Full Size Photos)

"Blue Head" - Free


Made of painted plaster; though to cut down on weight part of the inside of the base is a styrofoam block.
Sculpture is 13" x 7" x 9" and weighs 7.4lbs.

"Pierrot Head" - TAKEN


(French black and white "artsy" clown style)
Made of painted plaster; though to cut down on weight part of the inside of the base is a styrofoam block.
Sculpture is 13" x 7" x 9" and weighs 7.6lbs.

"Fire Head" - TAKEN


Made of painted plaster; though to cut down on weight part of the inside of the base is a styrofoam block.
Sculpture is 15" x 7" x 9" and weighs 8.2lbs.
It did suffer a fall (cats) and so the top of the flames are chipped off and part of one ear has a little chip taken out of it, and the base has a dented in part; however, I've repainted over all of the damaged spots and they're really not noticeable anymore. It would be a very easy thing to use a little bit of spackle followed by a touch of black acrylic paint to fix the dent in the base. The damage to the flame area just looks like it's supposed to be like that.

"Rose Window" Optical Illusion Sculpture - TAKEN


Made of plaster, wood, and painted polymer clay sculpture called "Rose Window" that is an optical illusion. Viewed from the side or above it just looks like a lot of abstract shapes, however if you look through the window at one end (get right up close to it and look through) it all comes together to look like a blooming rose.
Sculpture is 18" x 18" x 13" and weighs 8.4lbs. I can sign the underside of the base for you if you want.
The base is a little rough... I would recommend getting a cardboard box slightly larger than the base, setting the sculpture in the box, and pouring plaster around the edges. Let the plaster dry and then peel the box away. Then you can paint the outside of the fresh plaster and it will be a more "finished" edge. I always meant to do that to it myself but never found the time.

"Impossible Object" Wall-mounted Sculpture - Free


This is a sculpture that mounts to the wall (see picture of back wall mounting hardware). The sculpture is a giant wooden hammer head with a coiled stiffened lace handle, hammering a "glass" nail into a bucket of water--sideways on the wall. The glass nail has bent, and there are ripples in the water. Thus, an impossible object. (Third photo shows hanging hardware on back.)
Made of metal, lace, wood, and resin.
Sculpture is 11" x 14" x 8" and weighs 3.5lbs.

"3D Line Drawing" (of a woman's head) - Free

Animation showing all angles (from when it was blue)

Seen from the front or side the image is clear. Seen from other angles the image is quite interestingly distorted. Currently painted red, it can easily be painted any color. Made of steel wire on a chipboard wood base (currently painted white--could easily be painted another color, or removed from base entirely). I can sign the underside for you if you like.
Sculpture is 12" x 12" x 13" and weighs just over 1lb. 

"Cubic Nude Walking" - TAKEN


This is a small sculpture of a nude figure walking. She is a flat printout on a grid, then cut into squares, which were then glued to the end of square wooden pegs cut to different lengths, so that the figure became 3-D. It's an interesting piece, quite unique. Made primarily of wood.
Sculpture is 9.5" x 4.5" x 6" and weighs just over 1lb.

"Symphonic" - TAKEN


This is a hollow abstract sculpture, made from mat board, covered with a textured spackle and painted blue and purple and gray (acrylic craft paint). One corner at the top is slightly damaged but could easily be repaired with a bit of spackle. The entire thing could be repainted to match your decor.
Sculpture is quite large at 27" x 22" x 8" but only weighs 2lbs.

"Figure Eight" (Candle Holder) - Free


This is welded steel and hardwood, bent and carved into a more organic shape. It's designed to hold a pillar candle on the round top. It has some white wax dripped on it from the last time it was used, but that would come off quite easily.
Sculpture is 12.5" tall, 14.5" long, and 8" wide, and weighs 6.2lbs.

"Grasp" (Candle Holder) - Free


This is actually made of an industrial wax that hardens until it's almost like plastic, and then painted with a bronze finish. It doesn't even start to melt until 250 degrees F. This is a hand which is meant to be grasping a small glass bowl candle holder (which can be bought for about a dollar at just about any craft store). I don't have the glass bowl anywhere that I know where to look, but as I said, they're easily found at craft stores. It can also just hold a small pillar candle directly.
Sculpture is 6.5" tall x 8" x 4" and weighs 1.6lbs.

"Aesthetic Progression" - $100

This sculpture is about the emergence of one's sense of aesthetic taste. The first (blue) head emerging represents the very young child's mind; inside this head is a stuffed animal (a bunny) which represents the young child's appreciation of cute, cuddly, and fuzzy as their taste. The second (red) head, further emerging, represents the young adolescent mind, when glamour and glitz are appreciated. Inside this head are two silk roses and a ballerina Barbie doll. You can see the Barbie doll's face quite clearly if you peer into the sculpture at certain points. I've tried to capture that in the photographs... The third (yellow), fully emerged head represents the adult mind, which has learned to appreciate art. This head contains swirls of paint and a pair of paint brushes. They can be seen from some angles but were nearly impossible to photograph, unfortunately.


Here is the sculpture in a gallery exhibit:


The bulk of the sculpture is made of resin, with objects embedded within it. The base is wood and resin and acrylic sheeting. The heads are screwed into the base from beneath with standard screws, and so they are theoretically removable if one were to want to put them, for example, on separate bases. This would require cutting through the layer of acrylic that covers the base and joins the heads to the base, but it is doable with the right tools and care.

Click these two images for detailed dimensions.
(Overall) Sculpture is 22.5" x 15.5" x 14.75" and weighs 22.5lbs
I paid almost $175 for the resin alone (including shipping), which is why I'm selling this one for $100 rather than giving it away like the others.